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Saturday, 28 August 2010

It's pikachu!


King of Kings 3!

The depth of gamigo’s MMORPG King of Kings 3 can be seen, among other things, in its complex class system. What starts as three character classes becomes a whopping 27 unique classes over the course of the game. Here we’ll introduce the path of the warrior.
The warrior in King of Kings 3 is heavily armed and set for close-range combat with a heavy shield and a longsword. Things get really interesting at Level 50: that’s when the player can choose one of the three initial specializations and become a berserker, a ranger or a knight. Rangers use their longsword as well as long-range weapons.
Simple healing spells can prove to be of great help in battle. Unlike the ranger, the berserker falls into a fit of rage during battle, causing massive amounts of damage. His favored weapon is the axe, of which he can use two at the same time. And finally there’s the knight, who bowls over his enemies on his battle horse. His trademark is his lance, which he uses to keep numerous enemies in check at the same time.

Source:  XTGN


Well hello everyone! I'm quite new to this so bare with me, just getting used to everything :D!